About Find A Locksmith

FindALocksmith.com is a service provided by ALOA & Westlake Web Works to be used as a resource to verify credentials and search for qualified locksmiths by city, state, zip and specialty.

About ALOA

The Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc. (ALOA) is an international association comprised of qualified locksmiths and security experts representing the highest level of professionalism, experience and trusted reliability within the locksmith industry. Representing more than 10,000 locksmiths and associate members worldwide, ALOA ensures each member receives certification in accordance with their demonstrated experience.

Visit www.aloa.org to learn more about ALOA.

About Westlake Web Works

Westlake Web Works (formerly WebLease USA) has been partnered with ALOA since 2013. In that time we have totally overhauled their web presence and helped bring many of their members online with business websites, email and storefronts.

Visit WestlakeWebWorks.com to learn more.